1. Historical Facts about Breastfeeding and Human Milk
  2. Code: Companies, Health Personnel and Families Triangle
  3. The Concept of  “Baby Friendly” in Turkey and in the World
  4. Known Content of Human Milk (Microbiota, Stem Cell, Micro Rna, Growth Factors, Hormones)
  5.  Breastfeeding Literacy in Pregnancy Period
  6. Breastfeeding Through the Eyes of a Gynecology Expert

a. Pregnancy Follow-up

b. Type of Birth

c. Local Anesthesia-General Anesthesia

d. Maternal Health in the Long Term

  1. Nutrition and Micronutrient Supports in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Period
  2. The Role of Father in Supporting Breastfeeding
  3. Mother-Baby Relationship
  4. Effects of Breastfeeding on Baby Health (Innovations)
  5.  Follow-up of Breastfeeding Baby: Growth, Hyperbilirubinemia, Crying, Micronutrient Supports and Sleep
  6. Dental Health of pregnant woman, Nursing mother and breastfed child
  7.  Breastfeeding in Special Circumstances

a. Prematurity, Low Birth Weight

b. Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip

c. Shortness of Frenulum

d. Food Allergies

  1. Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions

a. Breast Health

b. Breast Rejection

c. Inadequate Milk, Excess Milk

  1. Mother’s Mental Health
  2.  Baby’s Mental Health
  3. Indications for Starting Formula and Protocol for Transition to Exclusive Breastfeeding
  4. Working mother and Breastfeeding: Returning to Work and Legal Regulations
  5. The Effects of Media on Breastfeeding

a. Social media

b. Printed Press

c. Radio, Television

  1.  Breastfeeding and Perception of Social Environment
  2. Breastfeeding Reality and Perception of Environment from Mothers' Language
  3. Mother-to-Mother Support Groups
  4. Breastfeeding in emergencies: Supporting breastfeeding among immigrant and refugee mothers