Dear Baby Friendly Staff,

All babies and children have the right to have adequate nutrition to be healthy and to protect their health. Breastfeeding is the ideal way of providing this right to babies and children. Every day new ones are added to the most known unlimited features, components and benefits of human milk. All these innovations need to be shared and discussed with scientists and health professionals. Based on this idea, we have planned to carry out "The 1st International Congress of Breastfeeding Reality” in Ankara, the capital city of the Republic of Turkey, that has been home to many civilizations since prehistoric times, between 30th September- 3rd October 2019, at The Ankara Hotel.

The theme of “Breastfeeding Reality” will be discussed in this congress that is planned to be organized with the contributions and collaboration of UNICEF, T.C. Ministry of Health, Hacettepe University Child Health Institute Department of Social Pediatrics, TEMAS Society, and Turkish Society for Social Pediatrics. With our congress, we want to contribute to the support and improvement of breastfeeding in our country and the world. For this purpose, we are bringing together many institutions and organizations operating in the field of breastfeeding in a multi-national, multi-sector activity. Our congress will be held in line with the related “International Law on Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes (Code)” principles. 

At the congress, the characteristics of human milk being a unique and lively food, supporting the health of mother and child in the short and long term will be emphasized once again. In addition to all known facts, new facts about breastfeeding as well as the right known wrongs will be shared and will be discussed with the current data in a scientific environment by the experts of the subject. At the congress we will have the opportunity to see the activities of international institutions.

In our country “Breastfeeding Symposium” has been organized annually in 2014 with the cooperation of Ministry of Health and TEMAS Society. The sixth of the National Breastfeeding Symposium, which has become traditional, will be held in our Congress with the theme of “Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer”. “Baby Friendly City” activities will also be presented at the symposium.

In our congress, we will be pleased to see the precious scientists like you who have devoted themselves to supporting human milk and breastfeeding and who have important studies in the literature.

For these purposes, I hope to see you at “The 1st International Congress of Breastfeeding Reality Congress” that will take place between 30th September- 3rd October 2019 in Ankara, and I would like to thank you in advance for your valuable contribution and participation.

Best regards

Prof. Dr. Songul YALCIN